Alisa Bernard, Writer, Activist, Survivor of Trafficking

Alisa Bernard

Alisa Bernard is a writer, activist, and graduate of “The Stories We Tell,” a testimonial writing program for survivors of gender-based violence and other human rights violations.

She was a teenage runaway and a child sex-abuse survivor when she turned to prostitution at age 18. She was one of many young women who posted their services on a website, where they thought potentially dangerous clients would be screened out by the service. But Bernard was raped multiple times, strangled and held against her will during the four years she was a prostituted woman.

Alisa is also a Survivor Advocacy Coordinator for the Organization for Prostitution Survivors where she created a mentoring series for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. Since 2015, when she graduated from the EWU program, Alisa has developed content, advised, and provided training to numerous organizations nationwide. She uses her lived experiences of commercial sexual exploitation, teen homelessness, domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse as a lens to look through and advise public and private agencies.


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