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About the Podcast

The Writing Monkey is a weekly podcast designed to feed a writer’s creativity and inform them on a wide range of subjects by interviewing subject matter experts.

Not many people have performed surgery, questioned a suspect, or flew a helicopter into battle – but fiction writers need to know this stuff if our characters demand it. And we can’t just wing it. The errors and inconsistences scream out, the lack of actual real-world experience is obvious, and the author seems to be a lazy fraud.

As fiction writers we rely on the suspension of disbelief, but there’s a difference between suspending disbelief and accepting something that’s ludicrous. Imagine if you could talk to an actual heart surgeon about the sights, sounds and smells of the ER. What is his or her mindset? What is their pre-op checklist? What would a real heart surgeon be thinking as they are about to open the chest of a person in a remote cabin in the woods? Imagine what this would add to your writing if you wanted to write this scene.

One of my future guests is a weapons expert that will explain the basic who, what, when, where, and how of weapons functioning and usage. For most of the writers who have not fired an AK-47 this can be useful information that will add depth and immersion to an author’s work. Imagine this approach to other topics – trauma surgery, prison life, computer hacking, crime scene analysis, – you name it.

The Writing Monkey will provide you with the things a writer needs to know in order to write characters and scenes that are convincing and engaging.