How do I start the process?

Contact me and we will talk about your cover and your timeline or fill out the form.


How are you different from other designers?

In two significant ways.

First, I’m a commercially successful author. I’ve been (and still am) published by established publishers and I have self-published several books both fiction and nonfiction. I was involved in the publishing process from concept to completion for all of my books and designed most of the covers for them. My books have all been successful and several are in their third and fourth editions. I know how important a great cover is and I know what makes a cover great.

Second, I have an extensive background in traditional and 3D computer arts. My most successful books are nonfiction books on the topic of computer art. I am fast and my work is completely unique and customized for you.


Are revisions really unlimited?

Yes, but… My ultimate goal is to create a cover that sells books. I am more than happy to take on revisions that improves the cover to achieve this goal, however there is difference between revising (or refining) a design and redesigning it.

This is the process I use to avoid the redesign.

First, you fill out the questionnaire. This will give me everything I need to create your cover.

Secondly, I do a rough of the cover based on your instructions. As long as things are rough we can revise the design.

Once a design is approved I will create your cover. Any requested changes after the design process begins needs to improve the agreed upon design and not change it. I will explore all revisions requested and usually I make the requested change.
I promise unlimited revisions so as not to put a hard number on it. Some clients need a few adjustments while others will have more.


No additional charges, really?

No additional charges, really. I won’t hit you up for additional fees on the backend.


What do I get, exactly?

At the very core of it all is the cover itself. My covers are original artworks and I work at high resolution so I can create virtually anything you need from that core image. I’ve been a professional artist for twenty years plus and have written books on Photoshop and digital art creation so I know how to work fast and efficiently without sacrificing quality.


How soon do I get my book cover design?

I have a very quick turnaround time. I will let you know before we enter an agreement when you can expect a first version.


I’m still writing my book can you design the cover now?

Yes. I can create your cover and make adjustments later. Be aware that a major redesign due to a major change in the content of the book may require an additional cost.


What if I need the print wrapped version of my cover—the front, spine and back?

print wrap coverI always do the spine and back cover. It’s just a simple extension of the art for back matter to go over. I always do the full cover because it’s much, much easier just to do it up front than to come back and add an entire left side to the art. See the image. The red lines are where the spine would fall on the typical print cover.

How do I pay you?

PayPal, online credit card, check, cash… Whatever we are both comfortable with and agree upon upfront.

  • A 50% deposit is required in advance
  • The balance is due upon final approval

Do I have to give you credit in my book?

I can’t force you to but I would certainly appreciate it. Add the line, “Cover Design by Luke Ahearn (www.lukeahearn.com).”

Also, most eBook venues such as Amazon’s KDP allow you to assign the illustrator or cover artist to a book and that helps us both. People often find my clients books when searching for my name. Here’s how:

how to give me credit


Who owns the rights to my cover?

You do, period. I retain the right to display a smaller version of the cover on my marketing materials and that’s it.


What if I order an ebook cover and want a print cover later?

Not a problem. See the above question about the print wrapped version of your cover.


What do you charge?

See the package options.

Do I need a final page count to order a cover?

You don’t need a final page count for me to start the cover, but for a final print-ready version of the cover you do need the final page count. The number of pages and even the type of paper effects the width of the spine.


When are you available?

I’m booked one month in advance presently, but that fluctuates. It’s best of you book me as soon as you can. If you must have your cover ASAP just let me know.


What goes on the back of the print book?

I provide the art. If you want, I will work with a template that carves out room for bar codes and the like. I don’t write the text but I know what you need and will layout the elements such as the blurb, author bio, author photo, shelving category, and price to name most of what goes on the back of a book.


Still have questions?

Please contact me.