I am starting over…

I was bedridden for almost a year. My dreams were very dark. Even now I have to keep my thoughts focused on the beauty around me. During this time, I wondered what I was going to do with my life when I regained mobility.

When I was finally out of the fog of medication, I saw a beautiful world around me. Memories of my childhood came back. I remembered all the drawing practice, the personal art projects and classes I took. I remembered learning to see the world like an artist. I remembered that throughout high school I carried a copy of Gray’s Anatomy with me and spent hours sketching the human body, from the skeleton to the epidermis. I studied magazines for the poses, colors, and expressions. I was an artist.

As I regained strength and mental acuity, I helped my wife with her photography business. She is a master at getting people to relax and reveal their inner beauty. She always felt that the final image never really represented what she saw of the person—what we saw. Similarly, as an artist, I always felt that reference photos were usually based on people who were keenly aware of the lens. They vamped, mugged, posed, or looked horribly uncomfortable. But my wife’s photos were incredible to work with. We decided to team up and offer both traditional portraits and art pieces that are more interpretive and expressive.