One-of-a-kind Pirate Props
Each hand-crafted with a passion for perfection.

We specialize in creating hand-crafted pirate props and pirate-themed environments for:

Water parks

Miniature-golf courses

haunted attractions

pirate festivals


and even luxury-pool builders

We'll work within your budget and promptly deliver highly detailed,

high quality props that rival anything on the market.


My fascination with the world of pirates
began at a very young age

As a little kid, I loved to read and draw and daydream. A lot.

Seeing a TV commercial one night for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride ignited a sudden, deep desire: to create haunted houses and theme-park rides.

There was no looking back. I devoted myself right then and there to learning all I could about pirates and to develop my artistic skills accordingly.

Over the years since, my art has been used on card decks, by mural companies, game companies, in professional video productions, and on book covers. It's even been featured on worldwide television as well as on the local news.

Pirate Aesthetic

The incomparable Pirate Aesthetic

I've immersed myself in the aesthetic of the Golden Age of Piracy and have become a collector of pirate iconography.

While not a historian, I've developed an extensive knowledge of the look and feel of the traditional pirate. I collect all the art, books, movies, and pirate-related paraphernalia possible to use as inspiration.

I constantly study, search and shop for cloth, weapons, skeletons, jewelry, and the many other details that make each one of my props as visually striking as they can be.

Seeking the perfect pirate

Somewhere between art and history lies that colorful sea rogue–the swashbuckler, the buccaneer… the perfect pirate.

I take in a vast amount of visual information that guides my creative process. This includes the shapes, colors, patterns and cut of clothing… the look and "feel" of the weapons and accessories… the style of the jewelry and buckles.

Utilizing skills I've developed along the way, as well.
These include the ability to create computer-generated art, 3D modeling and simulations, writing, and how to fulfill the practical needs of a client and not just the creative end.

What can I do for you?

Just contact me and let's start the conversation.

I'm confident that I can translate your vision of unique pirate props into an incredible reality!


No other studio is fully dedicated to the Pirate Aesthetic

All of our work is handmade, customized and a unique, one-of-a-kind creation for each client. We do not use fiberglass molds or an assembly line to create our props.

We hand distress and age the bones, apply hair by hand, add dental-quality teeth, and a lot more. We also hand make most of our clothing, including coats, baldrics, hats and boots. We distress and age it all by hand. Then there are the swords, flintlocks, jewelry, boots and the numerous details that set our pirates apart from all others.

Our studio houses a large collection of cloth and clothing, leather materials, jewelry, buckles, swords, flintlocks, hats, feathers, teeth and hair, skulls and skeletons, gold and jewels…you name it!

  • Luke Ahearn’s retail displays are vivid and extraordinarily artistic. His detailed creations doubled our foot traffic and directly effected our sales.

    ---- Melinda Collis Owner, Cat's Meow Vintage Fashion
  • The quality of Luke’s work caught my eye. There is nothing else on the net that compares.

    He loves what he does and that makes all the difference.

    He is a true artisan and a pleasure to work with.

    ---- Tony Mayne CEO, BIG4 Sunshine South West Rocks Holiday Park
  • “We had no hesitation choosing Luke and have no hesitation recommending him.

    He fulfilled our technical needs and delivered a very unique and detailed piece of art in a timely manner

    - just as we requested!

    His suggestions were spot on perfect and we love the results!”

    ---- Kelly Caviness, Owner/Designer Caviness Landscape Design, Inc. Top 50 Pool Builder in USA-2014 winner of multiple international awards
  • Thanks for making my house look so awesome!

    ---- Kat Von D Tattoo artist, television personality LA Ink


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