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“Luke Ahearn has done several of the covers for my latest books. I like his artistry and the way he uses the covers to give the prospective readers a concept of the theme of the book. He also ties the cover art in with the title, giving the readers another useful adjunct to the book. He has my highest recommendation as an artist.”

Darrell Bain, Author of over 50 books


"Luke’s covers are beautiful and a fine addition to any book. He’s pleasant to work with and quick to respond, and he does everything in his power to make certain you are completely satisfied with your cover. I think he’s a mind reader, as his representation of my novel was exactly what I envisioned. I’ve greatly enjoyed working with him, and I highly recommend him."

Miranda Miller, Author, Angel of Vengeance


An awesome cover is just the beginning. I will save you time, money, and lots of headaches as I create the various formats, templates, and assets you will need moving forward on the marketing and distribution of your book. No hassle! 100% guaranteed.


"I stumbled upon Creative Covers on Facebook one day and one glance at Luke's prior designs was enough to convince me that his artwork would be an excellent match for my novel. With only a few email exchanges, I gave him a rough idea of what I was looking for, including the first few pages of my story. The result was astounding and better than I could have hoped. It was as though he had ploughed away at my imagination, picked up various, scattered creative bricks in my mind and constructed the perfect model! It is a talent that is hard-pressed to come by and I could find no fault with the final result. As the author, it is extremely important to me that the cover of my books matches the overall mood/tone to my stories; for this reason, I tend to create my own covers, but this time I took the plunge and branched out. I am, of course, very pleased that I did and count myself very fortunate to have found a cover designer with such a keen eye and intuitive insight into what I was looking for. As well as this, Luke is an extremely courteous, friendly and easy-going person - and fast! I was blown away by the speed with which he worked. He was open to all suggestions I had and the final product was back to me within a couple of days. I can only say that my experience with Creative Covers has been a fantastic one and I highly recommend him to my fellow authors and anyone looking for an original, eye-catching piece of art."

Sarah Brownlee, Author, The Experiment of Professor Polgas


"Luke Ahearn is a multi-talented freelance artist who creates impressive artwork at a reasonable price and has a speedy turn-around. He has exceeded expectations in creating cover art for books in a variety of genres. Luke is a delight to work with. He is professional, patient and persevering. And fast."

Lida E. Quillen, Publisher, Twilight Times Books

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“I needed a new cover for my book, Conguise Chronicles: Rise of The River Man. Luke contacted me about making a cover. I checked out his website and was impressed, so I agreed. I sent him a blurb about what the book was about and what I thought the cover should look like. What he sent me back was absolutely amazing. I literally went, “WOW.” He took the important aspects of my story and created something stunning. I’m very impressed and I actually can’t wait to start advertising this book because I know that the cover will catch peoples’ eyes and make them click the link to find out more about my story.”

L. S. O’Dea, Author, The Conguise Chronicles