The world is waiting for your idea. Who better to write it than a successful author?


I have been writing for decades and have published numerous fiction and nonfiction books.

Quick Turnaround

I take on one client at a time. You will get my full time and attention.

Publishing Consulting

I am experienced in all aspects of publishing and can help you through every step involved.


My nonfiction work includes several books on computer games design and computer art. My books have been used in schools and universities worldwide.


I have written a wide variety of fiction from allegorical literary fiction to sword and sorcery and several zombie novels too. My voice is strong and my style diverse.

Let’s work together on your book

I take pride in the fact that my clients love my finished product and are proud to put their name on it. I am very efficient with my time and take on one client at a time so you will get the respect and attention you deserve. I can work from an idea to a full manuscript that just needs a professional rework.